2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Total
Total Money Moved (USD)1 322,919 508,626 1,462,558 4,292,847 5,160,173 11,747,123
Expenses (USD) 52,039 75,242 86,744 209,209 68,505 423,234
Fundraising Multiplier 6.21 6.76 16.86 20.52 75.33 23.89

1 Does not include money raised for REG or EAF.

Financial Reports

We publish regular reviews focused on how much we raised for each recommended charity, how much we spent on REG’s activities, and our overall fundraising multiplier across different cause areas.








We conduct annual self-evaluations reviewing our successes and lessons learned. We also publish blog posts evaluating our own impact.

Conflicts of Interest

Relationship with the Effective Altruism Foundation

REG was co-founded by the the Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF) in cooperation with leading poker players. REG has since remained part of EAF and is not an independent legal entity. Therefore, all team members of REG are formally employed by EAF and all donations are processed by EAF. Donations to REG itself are in the form of restricted donations to EAF that may only be used to cover REGs expenses. Because of this relationship, we do not allocate unrestricted donations to EAF or any of its other projects.

Relationship with the Foundational Research Institute

The Effective Altruism Foundation also incubated the Foundational Research Institute (FRI), a research organization exploring ways to reduce suffering in the near and far future. We currently list FRI as one of our recommended charities, and some of FRI’s staff members are on the board of the Effective Altruism Foundation. Lastly, we consult FRI in selecting our list of recommended charities. Because of this conflict of interest, we do not allocate unrestricted donations to FRI.


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