Update: Donations to the Against Malaria Foundation are currently being matched, with $200,000 available for matching. Donate now to double your impact!

What problem are they working on?

The Against Malaria Foundation works on preventing the transmission of Malaria, an infectious and potentially deadly disease.

What do they do?

AMF facilitates distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated (mosquito repelling) bed nets for people in developing countries. Anopheles mosquitoes typically bite between 10 o’clock at night and two in the morning. Sleeping under bed nets can therefore prevent mosquito bites and malaria contraction.

Does it work?

A great body of academic evidence suggests that  distributing bed nets reduces child mortality and malaria cases. AMF conducts rigorous distribution surveys that confirm their bed nets are used correctly.

What do you get for your dollar?

Each net costs about $2.50, and protects, on average, two people for 3-4 years. GiveWell estimates the total cost (including costs not directly incurred by AMF) per distributed net is roughly $4.35 in Malawi, $5.92 in DRC, and $5.14 in Ghana.. Using this figure, Givewell estimates the cost per child death averted to be about $3,500.

How much money could they use?

GiveWell estimates that AMF could use between $87 million (50% confidence) and $200 million (5% confidence) in 2017.  

Why do we recommend AMF?

  • It focuses on a program with excellent evidence of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.
  • AMF has strong processes for ensuring that nets reach their intended recipients and monitoring whether they are used over the long-term.
  • It consistently ranks among the top giving opportunities of Givewell.

Get your donation matched!
Martin Crowley has teamed up with Dan Smith to match donations to AMF, as well as two other REG recommended charities GiveDirectly and the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. There are currently $200,000 in matching funds available. To have your donation matched, email a donation receipt to receiptsforcharity@gmail.com. Your donation will be recorded and matched once the donation drive is complete. For any questions about the charity drive, please email Dan Smith at receiptsforcharity@gmail.com, or check out his blog for additional details.