The 3 most important criteria that make a charity effective

At REG, we want to achieve as much good as possible with our donations. We try to accomplish this by finding charities that are doing much more good than average. The amount of good produced by the best charities vs. average charities can differ by an order of magnitude depending on certain broad criteria. Research […]

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Animal Charity Evaluators

What problem are they working on?

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) works to end factory farming.

Over 56 billion farmed animals and one trillion fish are killed every year by humans.
Farmed animals often experience crowded confinement, painful toe or beak mutilations, inhumane handling, and painful stunning and slaughter.
Organizations working on behalf of farmed […]

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Against Malaria Foundation (AMF)

Update: Donations to the Against Malaria Foundation are currently being matched, with $200,000 available for matching. Donate now to double your impact!

What problem are they working on?

The Against Malaria Foundation works on preventing the transmission of Malaria, an infectious and potentially deadly disease.

Malaria is a life-threatening disease transmitted to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles […]

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The Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI)

What problem are they working on?

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) works on what has been called the “Artificial Intelligence Control Problem”:

Surveys of leading AI researchers suggest a significant probability of human-level machine intelligence in this century.
A human-level machine intelligence might not share human values, which might cause it to perform actions negatively […]

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Double your impact: Dimi and Dan Shak launch matching challenge

Update: The REG community has successfully completed this challenge, raising $70,000 in total for effective charities.

Dimi and Dan Shak challenge the poker community to donate $35,000 to highly effective charities. They will match every donation dollar by dollar, thus doubling the effect of every donation.

“I first became aware of REG through Igor, Liv, and Phil when […]

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Roman’s charity marathon for a better world

Roman Romanovsky, who first got in touch with REG at an EPT stop a couple of years ago, had already initiated a charity marathon in 2015, when he grinded for more than four months and ultimately donated $18,500 to highly effective charities such as the Against Malaria Foundation, GiveWell’s top recommended charity, and the Machine Intelligence Research […]

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REG Semiannual Report S1 2016

This is the semiannual report detailing all money moved by REG. As always, it’s intended to create transparency about where REG donations are allocated. In the first half of 2016, REG supporters donated a total of $301,847  to highly effective charities.

The exact allocation of all (i.e., restricted and unrestricted) donations is shown in the interactive […]

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“Fuzzies” from charitable acts: A reply to Daniel Negreanu

In a recent interview with Calvin Ayre’s Lee Davy, poker legend Daniel Negreanu brings up a very important point about the good feeling and emotional connection (“fuzzies”) one gets from helping others. When comparing giving $500 to buy anti-malaria bednets vs. funding a school trip for a particular person, he states:
“There is something about humanity […]

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Annual REG Transparency Report 2015

This is REG’s second annual transparency report (2014 report), intended to create transparency about where REG donations went in 2015, and how money raised for effective charities relates to money spent on REG operations.

In 2015, REG donors gave an overall amount of  $597,820 to effective charities, while REG’s expenses amounted to a total of $75,242 […]

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Raising for Effective Giving is running the #SCOOP4Charity fundraiser to raise money for the most effective charities and to spread effective giving among the online community.
The Final Table Pledge
By taking the Final Table Pledge, players commit to giving 3% or more of their final table cashes to highly cost-effective charities. These charities have a positive […]

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