411, 2016

Against Malaria Foundation (AMF)

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Update: Donations to the Against Malaria Foundation are currently being matched, with $200,000 available for matching. Donate now to double your impact!

What problem are they working on?

The Against Malaria Foundation works on preventing the transmission of Malaria, an infectious and potentially deadly disease.

Malaria is a life-threatening disease transmitted to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles […]

2707, 2016

“Fuzzies” from charitable acts: A reply to Daniel Negreanu

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In a recent interview with Calvin Ayre’s Lee Davy, poker legend Daniel Negreanu brings up a very important point about the good feeling and emotional connection (“fuzzies”) one gets from helping others. When comparing giving $500 to buy anti-malaria bednets vs. funding a school trip for a particular person, he states:
“There is something about humanity […]

405, 2016


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Raising for Effective Giving is running the #SCOOP4Charity fundraiser to raise money for the most effective charities and to spread effective giving among the online community.
The Final Table Pledge
By taking the Final Table Pledge, players commit to giving 3% or more of their final table cashes to highly cost-effective charities. These charities have a positive […]

1407, 2015

Why We Should Be Worried About Computers Taking Over The World

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Lee Davy sits down with Adriano Mannino, Chairman and co-founder or Raising for Effective Giving, to discuss their recent presentation during the World Series of Poker, why more people don’t give to charity, and their interest in the rise of artificial intelligence.

When […]

1206, 2015

How meta-charity can dominate direct charity

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by Ruairi Donnelly and Adriano Mannino

Solid scientific evidence has confirmed that deworming is a best buy in development aid. The direct charities that REG recommends thus either perform deworming interventions or interventions that are comparably cost-effective. Charity cost-effectiveness is measured by the extent of the life-saving/medical, educational, economic and social benefits they provide. An intervention whose cost-effectiveness has […]

205, 2015

Effective animal charities: How they help solve many global problems at once

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Our resources are limited. Efforts aimed at improving the world therefore necessitate cause selection and prioritisation: Which causes am I going to support with my resources?

Often people select their causes according to what happens to be closest to their heart or what’s immediately salient. This results in non-conventional but potentially extremely important causes often going […]

401, 2015

How to NOT pick a charity

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by Adriano Mannino and Tobias Pulver

Imagine two charities that both fight a particular disease in a poor country. Donating to charity_1 means that 95% of your money goes directly to the cause (buying and distributing medicine), while only 5% is spent on salaries and other expenses. Donating to charity_2 means that 70% of your money […]

1111, 2014

The case for giving now: A reply to Rupert Elder

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by Lukas Gloor and Adriano Mannino

1. Identifying points of leverage

If something is important to us, such that we want to do it as well as possible (as opposed to just doing it in the way people commonly do it), then it’s crucial to put in a lot of thought and always be on the lookout for […]

511, 2014

Giving locally vs. globally: Where can we do the most good?

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by Adriano Mannino

“Charity begins at home” is a popular idea. At REG we’re not interested in whether ideas are popular, though, but in whether they’re based on good evidence. Where do the arguments lead in the “local vs. global” debate?

One might intuitively think there are special obligations towards “local” people. But what justifies this intuition? […]

3110, 2014

“Charity ain’t for me, I’m a hedonist, you see!”

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by Adriano Mannino

This is a curious objection charity sometimes gets. It is curious first because the term “hedonist” actually just means “someone who tries to maximize happiness”. You can be an egoistic hedonist and care about your own happiness only; an altruistic hedonist and care about the happiness of everyone equally; or any combination of the […]