Choosing where to donate is an important yet sometimes daunting task, especially as the best interventions are significantly more effective than others. As the graph below shows, some programs can be up to 1,000 times more effective than others.

At REG, we know the stakes are high and we want to help. Making the best choice requires evidence, analysis, and rational thinking. This is a difficult task for anyone working independently. This is where we come in. We examine the growing body of research around which causes are most important, and which interventions within them might be the most effective. We then distill this information into free donation advice sessions for individuals, corporations, and in support of fundraising events.

Individual Donation Session

During a one-to-one donation advice session we:

  • Discuss your specific motivations and values to find the charities to which you’re best suited;
  • Provide the reasoning behind our support for different charities; and
  • Explain the most up-to-date evidence on and research for each option.

Following the advice session, we prepare a personalized portfolio of highly cost-effective charities along with further reading and a written summary of our recommendations.

Corporate Giving

Your corporate giving program benefits from partnering with us in three key ways:

  • We provide advice on how to select a charity that is aligned to your corporate mission;
  • We discuss the best mode of support for you; and
  • Through our ambassadors, we promote your initiative.

Fundraising Events

Hosting a fundraising event can be a great way to multiply your impact because giving publicly can inspire others to give. We provide expertise and professionalism to support donors wishing to host a charity event. We help you with:

  • IT and administrative support to set up your campaign online;
  • Assistance in selecting appropriate charities for your campaign;
  • Promotional efforts through our ambassadors; and
  • Operational support to process donations.

To learn more about our previous collaborations, see our Accomplishments.


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