Double your impact: Dimi and Dan Shak launch matching challenge

Update: The REG community has successfully completed this challenge, raising $70,000 in total for effective charities.

Dimi and Dan Shak challenge the poker community to donate $35,000 to highly effective charities. They will match every donation dollar by dollar, thus doubling the effect of every donation.

“I first became aware of REG through Igor, Liv, and Phil when watching a poker live stream a couple of years ago. I was instantly convinced by the concept and wanted to contribute.”, challenger Dimi[1] said during a conversation. He has set aside $25,000 to match the donations of fellow poker players because he knows that matching donations can motivate more people to give effectively from own experience: “During the last matching challenge, I was moved to donate myself and I now hope to accomplish the same for others.”

Co-initiator Dan Shak stresses the cost-effectiveness of REG-selected charities, making a matched donation an especially worthwhile investment: “The effectiveness of these charities means our money will go a long way”, and adds: “I’m supporting this matching challenge because I’m a big fan of the work REG is doing, and I ask you to join me in donating.”

How can I get my donation matched?

In order to double the impact of their donation, donors are asked to simply register the amount they select “REG unrestricted” on the REG donation page. All of these donation will be matched until the end of the challenge on November 30, 2016.

[1] Dimi asked not to use his full name online.