Introducing the REG Tournament Pledge

Would you like to support REG for a specific event? Are you considering signing up, but want to try it out first?

Today we are introducing a new form of membership: The Tournament Pledge!

The full REG membership entails donating 2% of gross winnings to highly effective organizations. REG members who have pledged and donated once will receive REG patches and other merchandise to wear at live events and other benefits. Become a full member now!

If you sign up for the REG Tournament Pledge, you will receive REG patches to wear at the events where you will donate 2% (or more) of your winnings to highly effective causes. You will be able to select the live (EPT Barcelona, PCA 2016, EPT Prague, etc.) and online (such as WCOOP, SCOOP) events you want to pledge for from a list, and you will be able to manually enter further events. Take the REG Tournament Pledge now!

If you would like to make a onetime donation without pledging, you can go straight to our donate page now. Donors who make significant contributions this way will also receive REG patches upon request.