New fundraising goal of $1 million – Martin Crowley teams up with Dan Smith

Update: Dan Smith and Martin Crowley have successfully raised $1 million!

Daily Fantasy Sports superstar Martin Crowley has recently maxed out the $300,000 available matching funds for Dan Smith’s donation drive, resulting in $600,000 raised in total. He has also doubled down on effective giving by pledging an additional $200,000 for matching to the GiveWell’s top three recommended charities Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, and GiveDirectly – all of which are also REG-recommended for their unusual cost-effectiveness. If these additional matching funds are exhausted, the donation drive will have succeeded in raising an incredible $1 million for effective charities.

Dan Smith announced his donation drive on November 14th with an initial $175,000 available for matching. On December 2nd, an anonymous donor agreed to match an additional $125,000, bringing the total available for matching up to $300,000. The additional matching funds raise the ceiling yet again, resulting in a total of $500,000 available for matching.

Martin Crowley (known respectively as ‘papagates’ on DraftKings) is one of the most successful daily fantasy sports players. He recently won a $1 million prize on DraftKings’ Fantasy Football Millionaire contest and has cited major proponents of effective giving (REG, GiveWell, and 80,000 Hours) as influences on his decision to enter the field of DFS.

How can I get my donation matched?

To have your donation matched, email a donation receipt for either the Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, or GiveDirectly to Your donation will be recorded and matched once the donation drive is complete. For any questions about the charity drive, please email Dan Smith at, or check out his blog for additional details.

What do these charities do?

REG has published short profiles of each charity supported by the matching drive: