REG report on money moved Q1 2015

This is the third quarterly report about money moved by REG, which is intended to create transparency about where exactly REG donations went. Such a report is regularly published within a few weeks after the end of every quarterly REG donation period.

What happened in Q1 2015

Some of the highlights from Q1 2015 (January-March) include:

Money moved January-March 2015

From January to March* 2015, REG donors gave an overall amount of $56,985. This is less than what was raised in Q4 2014 (Christmas/end of the year peak in donations; large donation by Martin Jacobson), but higher than the donations in REG’s first quarter, Q3 2014. We are happy to report an increase in total and recurring donations and look forward to all the upcoming opportunities for the next quarter.

$28,046 (49.2%) of the donated amount were restricted by the donors to specific charities.

50.8% of donations were donated unrestrictedly, totaling $28,939. Half of the unrestricted donations go to a direct charity, the other half go to meta-charities (see below). In the third REG donation period (Q1 2015), $14,469 from unrestricted donations were allocated to the Deworm the World Initiative (DtWI) and the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) each.

The Centre for Effective Altruism is an Oxford-based umbrella organization for several projects related to the promotion of Effective Altruism. Their projects focus on ethical career choice, priority research and movement building. Currently, they help promoting two books on the topic of Effective Altruism, including one by the famous philosopher Peter Singer that has just been published.

The Deworm the World Initiative by Evidence Action is currently one of GiveWell’s top-rated charities. Worm infections lead to anemia and malnourishment. Over 600 million school-age children worldwide are at risk of being infected with parasitic worms, but only 35% of them are treated. The Deworming the World Initiative deworms children in school-based settings. Mass treatment at schools is universally recognized as a safe, simple, and cost-effective solution. Deworming positively impacts education and future health. With a total per child cost of less than $0.50 per year, mass school-based deworming is listed as a “best buy” in both education and health.

*The actual dates for the quarter are January 20, 2015 to April 20, 2015 since members often donate after the quarter has ended.

REG donations Q1 2015
(January-March 2015*)

Charity Sum (~USD)
Against Malaria Foundation 21,175
GBS Switzerland 3,914
GiveDirectly 750
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative 2,200
Deworm the World Initiative 14,469
Centre for Effective Altruism 14,469
Total 56,977