Raising for Effective Giving

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Impact through rationality: Professional poker players use science and rational
decision-making to help as many people in need as possible.

Effective Giving

Did you know that some charities are hundreds of times more effective than others when reducing suffering in the world? We try to maximise expected value when reducing the suffering in the world.


We think rationally about global challenges and collaborate with researchers, think tanks and charity evaluators. Overcoming our biases helps us see the world in an undistorted way – crucially including the ways in which the greatest number of individuals can be helped with charitable budget.

Movement Building

We leverage our impact by building a movement of poker players all around the world. The REG community offers get-togethers and workshops in order to exchange thoughts on donation strategies and effectiveness. We’d love to see you join!

Be part of the movement!

Become a REG member by pledging 2% or more of your winnings.

percent of my income to charities I believe do the most good.

You'll be able to select one of our highly effective charities when you make your first donation.

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