We provide a public list of outstanding charities for donors to support. We strongly believe that any contribution to these organizations will make a significant positive difference in the world. For donors interested in more personalised recommendations we offer free donation advice for individuals and corporations. You can find out more about our selection process in our FAQ.

Poverty Alleviation

Against Malaria Foundation

Malaria killed more than 400,000 people in 2015. AMF facilitates the distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets to protect families at night, when mosquitoes are most active. The large-scale distributions are monitored closely to guarantee that the nets reach their destination and are used correctly. Relying on strong evidence that insecticide-treated bed nets reduce child mortality and malaria cases is one of the key reasons AMF is GiveWell’s top pick for saving lives. Learn more.

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Schistosomiasis Control Initiative

Schistosomiasis, also known as bilharzia or “snail fever”, is a parasitic disease carried by fresh water snails infected with one of the five varieties of the parasite Schistosoma. It infects 258 million people and is considered one of the "neglected tropical diseases". SCI works with governments in sub-Saharan Africa to create or scale up programs that treat schistosomiasis. This is commonly referred to as "deworming". One of the most important long-run effects of better health as a result of deworming is an increase in long-term incomes. Learn more.

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Additional standout poverty alleviation charities

In addition to the top recommendations, REG believes the following poverty alleviation charities to be highly cost-effective.

Animal Welfare

Animal Charity Evaluators

ACE finds and promotes the most effective ways to help animals. It analyses research on methods of helping animals in order to provide research of interventions and top-charity recommendations. ACE also offers suggestions on being a more effective animal advocate by providing career, charity, and volunteering advice. Learn more.

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Humane Slaughter Association

HSA works to improve standards of welfare for farm animals during transport, marketing, slaughter, and killing for disease control and welfare reasons. By working through research, education, training and technical advances for over 100 years, HSA has a considerable track record of effective interventions in improving the treatment of farm animals worldwide. Learn more.

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Animal Ethics

AE works to spread anti-speciesist messages in public, as well as academic and professional spheres. They do this by curating, publishing and disseminating research into overlooked matters of moral importance such as sentience, animal cognition, and wild animal suffering. AE’s focus on anti-speciesist messaging earns them a spot on Animal Charity Evaluators’ list of standout charities. Learn more.

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Additional standout animal welfare charities

In addition to the top recommendations, REG believes the following animal welfare charities to be highly cost-effective.


Machine Intelligence Research Institute

MIRI conducts foundational mathematical research to ensure smarter-than-human artificial intelligence has a positive impact. As more and more human cognitive feats come to be reproduced by artificially intelligent systems, we can expect to encounter a number of unprecedented risks and benefits. These and other under-explored questions will only become more pressing as progress in computer science allows AI systems to act with increasing autonomy and efficiency. Learn more.

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Foundational Research Institute

FRI explores how to reduce and avoid suffering by all sentient beings in the near and far future, leveraging their impact through essays and academic articles, and by advising individuals and policymakers. Their scope ranges from foundational questions about consciousness and ethics, to policy implications about AI safety, global cooperation, animal advocacy, and how to think about charity cost-effectiveness. Learn more.

Disclosure: The Foundational Research Institute (FRI) is a project incubated by the Effective Altruism Foundation, REG’s parent organization. We consult FRI in selecting our list of recommended charities. Because of this conflict of interest, we do not allocate unrestricted donations to FRI. Learn more

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Additional standout charities that are reducing risks from emerging technologies

In addition to the top recommendations, REG believes the following research organization to be highly cost-effective.


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