What problem are they working on?

Factory Farming

  • Over 56 billion farmed animals and 1 trillion fish are killed every year by humans.
  • Farmed animals often experience extreme confinement, painful tail and beak mutilations, inhumane handling, and brutal slaughter.
  • Organizations working on behalf of farmed animals receive a very small percentage of overall funding in animal advocacy despite representing the vast majority of animal suffering directly caused by humans.

What do they do?

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) finds and promotes the most effective ways to help animals by analyzing animal activism strategies, interventions, and charities. ACE also conducts foundational research on social movement strategy and provides advice on effective volunteering and career choice.

Does it work?

ACE is the first and only organization that publishes rigorous research into the effectiveness of animal activism interventions and organizations. Its investigations are rigorous, and serve to direct more attention towards the more effective animal welfare interventions.

What do you get for your dollar?

In 2016, ACE influenced over $3.5 million in donations to effective animal charities. ACE estimates that each $1000 moved to one of its top animal charities saves over 75,000 animals.

How much money could they use?

At the beginning of 2016, ACE’s Executive Director estimated a room for more funding of $478,095.50 to continue its current activities and expand its research and outreach efforts by hiring additional staff and interns.

We recommend ACE because of its:

  • High-quality research and focus on effectiveness.
  • Multiplier-effect for effective animal charities.
  • Leverage in building an effectiveness focused animal welfare movement.
  • Success in moving funds to effective animal organizations.


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