This cause area focuses on interventions that reduce the most animal suffering as cost-effectively as possible. Within the three-factor cause prioritization framework, we find that the biggest source of human caused suffering is through factory farming. An estimated 70 billion land animals and between 37 to 120 billion fish are farmed and slaughtered for food annually. The majority of these animals experience intense suffering during their lives and nearly all suffer needlessly cruel deaths.

As with poverty alleviation, improving animal welfare is complex and can be approached both directly and indirectly. Some promising campaigns focus on: corporate lobbying, i.e. encouraging animal industries to raise their welfare standards; public outreach aimed at encouraging people to reduce consumption of animal productions; and alternative meat products such as plant-based meat and cultured/clean meat.

We recommend the Good Food Institute and the Humane Slaughter Association because of their dedication to reducing the worst forms of animal suffering through research, advocacy, and outreach.

The Good Food Institute

The Good Food Institute is working to transform the animal agriculture industry by promoting the development of competitive alternatives to animal-based meat, dairy, and eggs. They connect scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to advance this growing market sector and provide advice for plant-based and cellular companies. Learn more.

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Humane Slaughter Association

HSA works to improve standards of welfare for farm animals during transport, marketing, slaughter, and killing for disease control and welfare reasons. By working through research, education, training and technical advances for over 100 years, HSA has a considerable track record of effective interventions in improving the treatment of farm animals worldwide. Learn more.

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Additional standout animal welfare charities

In addition to the top recommendations, REG believes the following animal welfare charities to be highly cost-effective. They’re not featured on the donation page, but if you want to donate to them please get in touch with us.