Which problem are they working on?

Food Animal Welfare

  • Over 56 billion farmed animals and 1 trillion fish are killed every year by humans.
  • Farmed animals often experience extreme confinement, painful tail and beak mutilations, inhumane handling, transport, and brutal slaughter.

What do they do?

The Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) focuses on the suffering associated with inhumane handling, transport, and slaughter. It does this by working with research, education, training, and technical advice to influence higher standards which ensure the more humane treatment of food animals.

Does it work?

HSA has been instrumental through its advice to government and training for farmers in reducing the suffering of billions of food animals around the world. It played a key role in introducing legal requirements in the UK for the mechanical stunning of cows and pigs and in the development of electrical fish-stunning technology in the UK. This technology is now used on 95% of UK trout.

What do you get for your dollar?

A very simple cost-effectiveness estimate prepared by Brian Tomasik, co-founder and advisor of the Foundational Research Institute, suggests that each experience of fish asphyxiation avoided costs $50, and HSA’s work has prevented 30,000 experiences of asphyxiation per year.

We recommend HSA because of its:

  • Success in improving the welfare of food animals around the world.
  • Ability to work with agricultural industries and the Government to influence positive changes.
  • Focus on the most severe form of suffering for food animals i.e., slaughter.
  • Use of technological advancements to reduce suffering.


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