REG expands into Daily Fantasy Sports and launches $75,000 matching challenge

We are excited to announce the launch of DFS Charity. With DFS Charity, we’re applying the REG model to the industry of Daily Fantasy Sports. After starting out with poker, we’re now branching into more and more industries to spread the idea of effective giving further.

Like poker, the DFS community is full of people with an analytic mindset, and many of them are also altruistically motivated and are looking for ways to improve the world. We’re excited to be bringing the idea of effective giving to this new area. Check out the DFS Charity website at!

Getting things going with a bang!

A few days ago, Tom “chipotleaddict” Crowley, a former professional poker player, won the biggest ever DFS tournament for a prize of $1.2 million. Tom was already a REG member, and so he reached out to us the morning after his big win to discuss how we could make the most of this opportunity.

Tom decided that he would like to sponsor a donation matching challenge for up to $75,000 and a $5,000 DFS freeroll for everyone who’s taking the DFS pledge and/or contributes to the matching challenge to further promote effective giving in the DFS community! Find the details of the matching challenge on our new website.

Make sure to check out Tom’s blogpost and interview on his decision and the motivation behind it.