What problem are they working on?

Animal Suffering

  • Over 56 billion farmed animals and 1 trillion fish are killed every year by humans.
  • Farmed animals often experience crowded confinement, painful tail or beak mutilations, inhumane handling, and brutal slaughter.
  • Many more animals suffer in the wild – wild animals are regularly eaten alive by predators and endure starvation, injury, and painful diseases.

What do they do?

Animal Ethics (AE) advocates anti-speciesism to a general audience and within academia. They do this by conducting and publishing research into issues in animal ethics such as sentience, animal exploitation, and wild animal suffering. AE also conducts outreach by organising events, giving talks, and distributing leaflets.

Does it work?

AE focuses on broad anti-speciest outreach and under-researched issues. The approach is particularly promising because it has greater potential to influence change on a societal level; and because AE’s focus on anti-speciesism and wild animal suffering means they address the largest sources of suffering for animals on the planet. AE’s work focuses on changes in the long term. This means we won’t see the effects of their work for a number of decades. However, their high mission effectiveness, flexibility and early success won AE a stand out charity recommendation from Animal Charity Evaluators.

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