What problem are they working on?

GiveDirectly works on lifting people from extreme poverty alleviates the suffering caused by hunger, stress and poverty related diseases.

What do they do?

GiveDirectly provides cash transfers to extremely low income households using mobile phone-linked payment services. GiveDirectly targets the poorest households in Kenya and Uganda to receive cash transfers.

Does it work?

GiveDirectly has been effective at delivering cash to low-income households. Unconditional cash transfers reliably increase wealth, which is a strong proxy for quality of life. Further evidence suggests that cash transfers can have leveraged impact in the range of 35-75% annual rate of return on funds invested.

What do you get for your dollar?

For every dollar donated to GiveDirectly, roughly $0.91 will be transferred if the cash transfer recipient lives in Kenya and $0.85 if they live in Uganda.

How much money could they use?

The charity evaluator GiveWell believes that GiveDirectly could use between $66 million (50% confidence) and $144 million (5% confidence) for its 2017 budget year.

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