Donors can choose the charity they want to support from this list, or donate to REG unrestrictedly, in which case the REG board allocates the funds to the recommended charities according to its most up-to-date judgment, taking into account various considerations such as room for more funding (RFMF) and the latest research updates.

Poverty alleviation

By giving to highly effective organisations that combat poverty, we can prevent huge amounts of immediate suffering while at the same time positively impacting other factors, such as education.

Animal welfare

Every year at least 70 billion land animals and around 37 to 120 billion fish endure a life of extreme suffering on factory farms. By donating to charities that combat factory farming, we can prevent massive amounts of unnecessary suffering and death.

Risks from emerging technologies

Emergin technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology have a great potential for good, but also a great potential for harm if developed improperly. Our recommended charities in this field seek to ensure that emerging technologies benefit all sentient beings.

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